Producer: Péter Barbalics
Cast: Lajos Kovács, Alekszandr Porohovscsikov, Péter Haumann,
Sándor Gáspár, Diana Vacaru

Georg Buchner's play, filmed several times before (including a memorable
adaptation by Werner Herzog), is brought to the screen again with vivid, chilling
results by Janos Szasz. Living in desperate poverty, harassed by his manager at
the railyard and ignored by his wife, troubled Woyzeck allows himself to be the
subject of medical testing in order to support his family. He finally reaches his
limit when he discovers his wife having an affair with a policeman and the
betrayal pushes him to violence. The black-and-white photography effectively
captures the bleak emotional landscape. "A stark, boldly expressive nod to the
shadows and angles of silent-era German cinema" (Onion A.V. Club).

Winner of the Felix Prize at the 1994 Berlin Film Festival.

1993, feature film, 35mm, B&W, 93 min.
Strasbourg Forum du Cinéma Européen
1995:  Grand Prix
Bergamo Film Meeting
1994:  Silver Rose
Budapest Hungarian Film Week
1994:  Main Prize
Best Cinematography: Tibér Máthé
Best Actor: Lajos Kovács
Gene Moskowitz Prize
Independent Producers' Prize
Chicago International Film Festival
1994:  Golden Plaque
European Film Academy
1994:  Félix Prize - Best Young European Film
Sochi International Film Festival
1994:  Second Prize (shared),
Thessaloniki International Film Festival
1994:  Best Director
Best Actor: Lajos Kovács (shared)
Torún CAMERIMAGE International Film
1994:  Golden Frog Prize for Tibor Máthé
Valladolid International Film Festival
1994:  Best Cinematography: Tibor Máthé
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