In this haunting Hungarian drama, the
Witman brothers are scarred by their
mother's neglect. Searching for warmth and
meaning, they find it in a local brothel.
Though they may appear innocent, the boys''
morbid perversions ultimately drive them to
despicable deeds.
Set in a small Hungarian village just before
the onset of WWI, this atmospheric tale of
alienated youth is smartly directed by Janoz
Szasz, with exquisite cinematography by
Tibor Mathe, for which he won a Silver Hugo
at the 1997 Chicago Film Festival.

"...faultless in style and psychological validity"
(Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times).

Directed by Janos Szasz
Cast: Alpar Fogarasi, Szaboles Gergely,
Maia Morgenstern, Lajos Kovacs, and
Dominka Ostlowska.

In Hungarian with English subtitles
Hungary * 1997 color * 95 mins.