Budapest Hungarian Film Week
2005:  Best Supporting Actor:
Sándor Csányi
Best Sound:
Balázs Gábor, Mladá   Boleslav
"Festival of European Film Smiles"
2005:  Best Actress: Gabriella Hámori
Director: Péter Bergendy
Screenplay: Béla Rigó
Photography: Gyula Pados
Music: Ekova, Eric Chapelle, Frank Sinatra,
Hot Jazz Band, Gábor Madarász , Puccini,
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
Production company: RTL Klub, Unio Film
István Bodzsár
Cast: Ferenc Bács, Ágnes Bánfalvy, Sándor
Csányi, Mari Csomós, Imre Csuja, Ferenc
Elek, Gabriella Hámori, Péter Haumann
Ferenc Hujber, Mari Kiss, Zsolt László,
Melinda Major, Piroska Molnár, Ervin Nagy,
Zsolt Nagy, Eszter Ónodi,Judit Schell,
Tamás Végvári

A smash comedy hit in Hungary.
Adapted from a contemporary Hungarian best-seller by Zsuzsa
Racz, this breezy romantic comedy features rising star Gabriella
Hamori as the cute, quirky Kata Keki. A successful career girl,
Kata decides to stop doing good for others and focus on her
quest for Mr. Right. Her brother Miki and her friends try to keep
her on the right track, but her mom continuously pressures her
to settle down.

Like "Bridget Jones goes to Budapest" (Variety).