Directed by Róbert Koltai

László Görög, Róbert Koltai, Éva Kerekes, Judit Pogány, Andor
Written by Vámos Miklós, Róbert Koltai
Cinematography by Francisco Gózon
Music by László Dés
Production company: Magic Media, HBO, MTM.
Produced by
Péter Barbalics, Sándor Simó

Best described as the Hungarian Waiting for Guffman, Szamba follows
Otto Szamba Sr., the center of cultural activities in a small town near
He organizes festivals, a rowing squad, a choir, and, most importantly, a
community theatre group, which all the children of the town embrace. All
except Otto Jr., ashamed of his father's tendency to overact on stage and
in real life. After some detours, though, Otto Jr. ends up a student of the
Budapest Drama School. Along with the theme of generational
differences, the conflict of communism vs. capitalism is predominant in
this delightful, comic drama by Robert Koltai.

In Hungarian with English subtitles.
1995, játékfilm, 35mm, színes, 98 perc

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