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The Porcelain Doll

“…a hit with the critics….”

“…the most poetic and mysterious
film on the unbearable fragility of life.”

“…arresting visuals and a
supernatural vibe…”

Directed by
Peter Gardos
Written by Peter Gardos and Ervin Lazar
Photographed by Tibor Mathe
Edited by Mari Miklos
Music by Agens
Produced by Denes Szekeres

Cast: Lajos Bertok, Sandor Csanyi, Judit Nemeth
 Balint Pentek.  

Director Peter Gardos (the Last Blues) interweaves a trio of tales reminiscent of
O. Henry and Rod Serling in this award-winning drama

Adapted from the novel Star Farm by Hungarian writer Ervin Lazar, the stories focus on life, death,
and resurrection.  The first involves a gawky but athletic teenager who bests a series of visiting
soldiers in various athletic competitions.In the second, a visiting state official promises he can
resurrect the dead, prompting the villagers to exhume four bodies with startling results. Finally,
an elderly couple outwits the authorities who want them to relocate with a highly unusual trick!