“exquisite beauty... magical and enthralling...
Glamour proves quite glorious...”
                       Jean Oppenheimer - New Times

Director: Frigyes Gödrös
Screenplay: Frigyes Gödrös
Photography: Sándor Kardos
Original Music: László Melis
Production company: Art and Future Film Fabrik, Cascade Film, Focusfilm Kft. Glamour Kft.
Producer: I
lona Grundmann, Katalin Gödrös, Mathias Gödrös, Kornél Sipos, Dénes Szekeres
Cast: Károly Eperjes, Eszter Onódi, György Barkó, Antal Cserna
Katinka Cseke, János Derzsi

As rain brings a flourish of frogs, the bearded, Orthodox patriarch of a Budapest furniture
manifacturing family, predicts, in the aftermath of World War I. an ominous future for Hungary. He
and his family live in tasteful, spacious comfort above their classy showroom, where they sell fine
quality reproduction of period pieces. The brief Red terror that follows the Great War, a
foreshadowing of what will befall Hungary in the wake of World War II, finds the store stripped of
its stock, which is returned once the communist threat subsides.
By the ‘30s, the elder son has taken charge of the business and has become convinced the
family needs an infusion of new blood. He marries a beautiful German nursery school teacher.
Because Hungary has an alliance with Germany, and the Third Reich prohibits marriage between
Gentiles and Jews, the couple can get around the Nazi decrees only by the teacher first becoming
a divorced woman. So for three months she becomes the wife in name only of the family firm’s
dutiful upholsterer. With the advent of the World War II. the shop emerges as a refuge in a world
gone mad and which would grow even madder with the advent of communist rule. Gödrös deftly
reveals the horrors of the Stalinist era paranoid cruelty.

In Hungarian with English subtitles * 2000 * color * Running Time: 115 min.
Full Chapterization and Original Theatrical Trailer

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