Child Murders (Gyerekgyilkosságok)

Director: Ildikó Szabó
Writer: Zsuzsa Tóth
Screenplay: Ildikó Szabó
Photography: Tamás Sas
Editor: Panni Kornis
Costumes: Ildikó Szabó
Sound: György Pintér
Music: János Másik
Production company: Hétfői Műhely Studio Foundation, Magic Media, TAG/TRAUM, M.I.T.
Production manager: Zoltán Gulyás
Producer: Péter Barbalics, István Kardos, Pál Erdőss, Gerd Haag, István Dárday, Márton
Barnabás Tóth, Mária Balogh, Ilona Kállai, Péter Andorai, Eszter Csákányi

Zsolt Balogh is a very lonely 12 year-old boy. He lives with his grandmother, Bizsu. The old lady,
now bed-ridden, was once a famous primadonna but has now completely shut herself off from
the world in her darkened room. She is an alcoholic and needs a considerable quantity of drink
just to get through the day. She sees no one apart from her grandson. They live in a block of
flats in one of the most run-down areas of Budapest on the banks of the Danube. Zsolt’s
mother, who left the country as a dissident, sends a very small of money each month so that he
can somehow live. The boy spends his time wandering around from secret place to secret
place on the Danube…

1992, feature film, 35mm, B&W, 79 min.